The Nabis Gallery is founded in 1995 and it marks the turning point in work for Angela Maffia, young neapolitan entrepreneur that, after experience years spent in furnishing and XX century art colleting, decides to start with a little space in the heart of Naples, in Chiaia’s area. It has been 20 years since then, Angela and her wunderkammer have come a long way, arriving at Capri’s island 10 years ago and then obtaining an international clientele, in addition to their historic neapolitan one and even beyond. The quality and the selection in furinishing, lamps, objects and rarity, always original and fashionable, in addition to Art-Noveau and Arte-Decò pieces, have seen also the ones from the latest but not least elegant modern artworks from 50s, 60s, and 70s designed by architects as Gio PontiBorsaniSottsass. The Gallery is among the first to trade bags, bijoux and labeled accessory from the first 50s as M. AskellFulco di VerduraChanel, often anticipating trends and being successful between the all-world collectors.

“My strong point…”sayd Angela “…is to understand what the customer actually wants, and be out there among markets and suppliers as long as I find the right piece…rather it finds me!”.

 In the last year, thanks to the meeting with the neapolitan entrepreneur Vicenzo Ferrara, also a lover of collecting not only from ‘900 even if he is from another working context, Nabis is increasing its future developments, especially regarding Lamps collecting, objects resulting from glass-maker art from Murano, as well as contemporary design, for example the precious and unique furintures from the chinese artist Kam Tim, totally adorned with turquoises and embers. The lucky meeting between the two neapolitan entrepreneurs is planning to start another enterprise which is possible to be open in an european capital.